Carol Shure

Community Constellation

In every family there is a transmission of generational suffering. An unconscious accumulation of stories, feelings and points of views in which we see ourselves.

This day-long workshop offers the opportunity to experience the practice of Family Constellation and an opportunity for us to resolve systemic issues, release the emotional charge in the family system, break free from the blocks and burdens that keep us stuck and see ourselves without judgement.

It will transform your existing reality and those of your loved ones.

The seminar is mostly experiential. Depending on the group, I will mix in some movement, and poetry. We will have plenty of food and breaks but for the majority of the day we will be participating in Constellation.

In a Constellation, Clients will present an issue and choose group members to represent their family members, both living and passed on. The group members will then stand in for the family member, or another energy that is relevant for the working participant in their Constellation.

There are three ways to participate in a Group Constellation:

  1. Set your own constellation,
  2.  Observe from the circle or
  3. Stand as a representative.

The field created allows the whole group to experience a deeply healing and moving experience regardless of your participation level. We are of service to one other in this way.

Our group is a safe space where deep, deep work is done. It is a place of non-judgement and maintaining confidentiality and respect of each other’s privacy is of the utmost importance.