Carol Shure

About Carol

cropped-croppedCarol-1.jpgI have worked to reconcile my own wounds to access an open mind and a clear heart. My work will always be biased through my filters, so I ask to be in the grace of the divine fields, of the ancestors, and to be in co-creative process with them. Whatever has been a challenge for me becomes a blessing for you and the group. I choose to see the strength within the wounds and find through them our genius and righteous talent.

My commitment to serve:

  • To assist in an individualized, empowered, gentle and compassionate way.
  • To act with impeccability, and integrity.
  • To love, to serve, to forgive, to hope and to be in service to the wider community.

I am not presenting this work as a diagnostic or treatment method for any medical or psychological condition, but as an opportunity to bring healing, understanding and peace to you and your family

I bring a strong background of business ownership and management skills to my personal and professional work. For over 30 years, I have combined a passion for human potential personal development and wellness with an intense love of learning and entrepreneurialism.

What I’m Up To:

New Beginnings

New Beginnings I landed back in Colorado Wednesday and made the (unavoidable) journey back yesterday. So grateful to be back in my peaceful, tiny home in the Mtns. The winter landscape was treacherous and alien to me as I had just come from 3 weeks in my other homes in the more moderate climate’s of […]


California Dreamin’

I’m back in my beloved Santa Cruz, spending time with friends, family, and granddaughters, as well as reading and walking on the beach. It’s wonderful! I have some upcoming workshops in Santa Cruz. Please visit my Events page for dates, times, and locations!


Finding Peace, Keeping Warm

On my return drive to Colorado, I saw some amazing sights between Utah and Colorado. Snow had settled on top of the mesas, and clouds had also drifted in. But it created such a pleasant view for returning to temperatures that I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about. Although it’s been cold here in Colorado, I’m keeping […]


Returning to Colorado

After time in my beloved California, I’m returning to another place I call home, the Roaring Fork Valley. My time in California allowed me to relax and recharge, to spend time with my granddaughter, and to explore the beauty of nature. This time of year slows the growth of nature, and it appears that many […]


Cool Winter Nights

Colorado brings some of the most amazing sights and sounds, year-round. Tonight, I heard an owl hooting outside and this perfect creature just landed on my home screen. Just lovely.. Now if I could just find some tiredness.