Carol Shure

Introduction to Systemic Constellation

Attending an Introduction is a practical way to understand the experience of Constellation in a group setting…

I will give an overview of the history and principles of the process, which are informative on multiple levels, as it brings to the surface insights into one’s own family. It is a powerful way to explore entanglements and blockages in one’s current reality by tracing its possible causes to our family history of inherited trauma.

In an Introduction, there will be a Constellation done for one client who has registered previously. As a participant you will have the opportunity to participate either through standing in and representing or observation.

This method uses workshop attendees as representatives to stand-in for people in the client’s life such as family members, colleagues, partners, ex-partners and abstract concepts such as emotions, obstacles, countries of origin, etc. There are similarities to our collective history, yet here we can feel the qualitative difference in each of our family fields that opens us to both deeper understanding and compassion for others.

You don’t have to actively participate if you do not choose to. It is ok to say no.