Carol Shure

The New Biology

Bruce Lipton started doing stem cell research in the 1960s. He used identical genetic material and grew it in different environments. What he found was this material formed into different cell structures, such as bone, muscle, and skin. He found that what controls the final cell type is not information included in the cell, but is information outside of the cell. Conventional science says genes control our lives; that life is predetermined as a result of the genes we inherited and that we can’t change our genes. We see ourselves as victims as we look at our inherited traits. This view is called genetic determinism.

The New Biology reveals that our perceptions, our emotions, our beliefs, and our attitudes all actually control our genes: Epigenetic control. Epi- meaning above the genes. As we change how we respond to the world around us, we change our genetic expression and are free to respond to how we see the world. Biological science has affirmed that a parent’s emotional material, traumas in the form of epigenetic tags in the DNA can be passed down through the genetic line. Our ancestors’ experiences and memories can also be inherited biologically through chemical changes occurring through our own DNA.

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