Carol Shure

Energy & Healing Work

The energy centers of our bodies, or chakras, are our soul’s organs. If these centers are closed or unbalanced, energy becomes stagnant and blockages form, which can lead to disease. Energy healers help clients release these blockages & disruptions in the various layers of the energy field in order to rebalance the entire system. Scientists theorize that energy work wakes up the cells & immune system, activating the body’s own healing abilities.

This work is a process. It can often taken the length our lifetime, and others, to create these disturbances. These energetic wounds show up in our lives as physical pain and ailments, mental illness, and emotional distress, and are communications that alert us to what needs attention.

As I tune in to the client during the session, I pay attention to what arises from the client’s energy field as well as to what the client presents as the issue. During a session, I lightly position my hands over the client’s body, allowing universal healing energy to flow. Since the energy passes through clothing, you remain fully dressed. Each treatment is unique and deeply relaxing. The body can only repair itself when it is in a state of physiological rest.

The goal of energy medicine is to relieve pain and promote healing of the body, mind, and spirit. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques with no side effects that interfere with recovery. It is a safe, gentle, and powerful natural therapy. It can safely be used to treat animals and children as well.

Want to experience relief from your own resistance? Come, enjoy a relaxing session of Energy Medicine : Reiki, Pranic Healing, Access Consciousness: The Bars, Scalar Wave Cold Laser Therapy, Biomat Deep Infared Sessions. Whole Body Vibration or Family Constellations Work.